Order a Custom Cake for Your Gender Reveal Party

pregnant woman and friends at a baby showerPregnancy is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities to bring family together to welcome the new addition to your family. A favorite way to celebrate the new baby is with a gender-reveal party. There are many creative ways that you can announce the gender of your new child, but a gender-reveal cake is an old standard that is always a great option.

An Excuse to Get Together

Nothing brings family together like a new baby – and cake! Throwing a gender reveal party with a cake is an excellent way to bring your whole family together. Play baby shower games, and have your family vote on what gender they believe the baby is. Having a tally board on display for guests to vote is a great way to engage friends and family in the fun. Then, cut the cake and see who guessed correctly!

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

There are many ways that you can reveal the gender of your baby, from popping a confetti-filled balloon to exploding colored chalk, but a cake is the only gender-reveal prop you can eat! Everyone loves to eat cake, so you’ll feel double the joy when you cut into it and see pink or blue inside.

Your Source for Specialty Cakes near Chicago

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