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Baked fresh daily, Jarosch Bakery's 60 plus coffee cake selection comes in a wide range of flavors and styles from strudels and strips to rings, filled varieties and many more! We have coffee cake flavors to please every palette!   

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While all of our coffee cakes are delicious, these six favorites have kept customers coming back to Jarosch Bakery for over 60 years.

Coffee Cake - All ButterAll Butter: Buttery dough with crumbly streusel and sweet icing on top.

Coffee Cake - Apple StrudelApple Strudel: Flaky, buttery dough with scratch apple cinnamon filling and topped with crunchy crystal sugar.

Coffee Cake - Chocolate ChipChocolate Chip: A braid of chocolate and plain dough covered in chocolate chips, streusel, and rich chocolate icing.

Coffee Cake - New LookNew Look: Pecans are folded into the buttery dough then custard frames the square top. Finished with icing.

Coffee Cake - Raspberry StripRaspberry Strip: Buttery dough generously filled with sweet raspberry preserve and finished with icing and streusel.

Coffee Cake - Swedish FlatSwedish Flat: Thin, light dough filled with sweet & creamy buttercream. Topped with streusel and a generous amount of powdered sugar.

Coffeecake Galleries

Here are some of the many coffeecake flavors we offer - but this isn't everything!! If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call!

Fruit Coffeecakes

Our fruit coffeecakes contain either high quality fruit preserves or handcrafted whole fruit fillings - both bursting with flavor!

Nut Coffeecakes

Enjoy the salty/sweet combination of crunchy nuts and buttery coffeecake dough, as well as delectable almond paste filling!


The Classic German Strudel has a few tasty filling options to try!

Plain, Filled, & More!

Simple done well is simply the best!

Dynamic Duos


Coffee Cake Platters

Available with Pre-Order Only - No Same Day Orders

Planning an event or corporate breakfast? Order Jarosch Bakery coffee cake trays! Each 16" tray serves 25 – 30 people, has a dome lid for easy transport, and can hold three different coffeecake flavors. Most of our coffeecakes cut really well and our  friendly staff will help you to choose the right coffeecakes for your function.

Coffeecake Trays
Coffeecake Tray