Tasty Suggestions

During our 55 plus years in the baking business, Jarosch Bakery customers and employees have found creative and tasty ways to enjoy our sweet & savory products. If you have a tasty suggestion on how to elevate your favorite bakery item, let us know!

Breakfast Breakthroughs

Cinnamon & Cinnamon Raisin Bread: Grab the eggs and milk and make gourmet French toast with our cinnamon bread or cinnamon raisin bread! For just the right finishing touch, simply top your French toast off with a dusting of powdered sugar and maple syrup.

Butter & Egg Bread: This soft and buttery bread is an ideal base for Eggs-in-a-Frame, but feel free to use your favorite Jarosch Bakery white bread. Butter both sides and use a small round cutter (any small glass will do) to remove the center. Toss the bread with holes into a pan, crack an egg in the center, fry them both, and plate. Remember to fry the round centers to create toasts for dipping in the yolk! A fun and scrumptious Sunday Brunch!

Buttercrust Buns: These buttery buns are perfect for breakfast sandwiches! Slice the bun in half and butter the inside. Toast the halves in a warm pan, then prepare an egg your favorite way: scrambled or fried, it doesn’t matter! Fill the buttercrust bun with cheese, ham, and an egg for an on-the-go morning meal!

Sink Your Teeth Into Something Savory

Garlic Bread: It’s more than a pasta side— the culinary possibilities with Jarosch Bakery’s versatile garlic bread are endless!

  • Pizza Bread: Layer each half of garlic bread with pizza sauce, cooked Italian sausage or pepperoni, onions & peppers, and top with mozzarella cheese. Bake at 375° for 8-10min on bottom rack, then move the bread to the highest rack, turn the oven to 425° and bake until the cheese turns golden brown and bubbles.
  • Open-Faced Grilled Sandwiches: Grill both halves of the bread, top with your favorite deli meats – we recommend ham, capicola, & salami – sliced cheese, and fresh tomato. Grill until the cheese bubbles and slice.
  • Beef Sandwiches: Fill the loaf with your favorite Italian beef and peppers! You can serve the sandwich as is or add a generous handful of mozzarella to melt over the beef – just pop it in the broiler until the cheese bubbles. And finally, if you really want that over-the-top beef sandwich experience, add Italian sausage to it!

Rye Bread: Make amazing Open Faced Ruben Sandwiches with our seeded rye bread! For Game Day, take a small loaf of plain rye, carve out the center, and fill the hole with your favorite dip (we recommend our Dill Dip)! Cut the chunk of rye you removed into cubes and serve those with the dip.

Dessert a la Mode

Everything’s better with ice cream and Jarosch Bakery treats are no exception!

Apple Strudel & Dutch Apple Pie: Take a slice of the apple strudel or Dutch apple pie and warm it in the microwave for 5 – 15 seconds. Take a heaping spoonful of cinnamon ice cream and place it on top. Now sit back and savor this classic flavor combo!

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake & Brownies: Cut a generous piece of chocolate chip coffee cake or take one brownie and place it in the microwave for 5 – 15 seconds until warm. Add a scoop of French vanilla or chocolate ice cream, grab a fork, and dig in to this decadent dessert!

All Butter & Butter Pretzel Coffee Cakes: For an over the top sundae, warm a piece of either coffee cake in the microwave for 5 – 15 seconds. Top with vanilla ice cream and drizzle on your favorite ice cream topper, such as fudge, caramel, or even Reese’s Shell.

Pound Cake: Add a fruity twist to your favorite pound cake! Mix freshly cut berries in a bowl with a little bit of sugar and let sit. Once the fruit starts to release juice, spoon the berries over a piece of pound cake. For an extra indulgence, add a scoop of ice cream on top.