Layer Cakes

Come to Jarosch Bakery and grab a classic Layer Cake made fresh daily. In addition to our whipped cream tortes, we offer a number of tasty layer cake options. 

Buttercream Filled & Iced Layer Cakes

Choose between Yellow or Devil’s Food Cake with either buttercream or chocolate buttercream filling and icing. Our layer cakes are all garnished with coconut cake crunch.

Yellow Choc BC Layer Cake Devil's Food BC Layer Cake Yellow BC Layer Cake Devil's Food Choc BC Layer Cake

Fudge Iced Cakes

Choose between Yellow or Devil’s Food Cake. The yellow cakes are filled with chocolate buttercream and the devil’s food cakes are filled with white buttercream; both are generously iced with our rich fudge. The contrasts in flavor make for a very attractive and tasty cake when cut, served, and eaten.

Devil's Food w/ Fudge Layer Cake Yellow w/ Fudge Layer Cake

Chocolate Torte and Fudge Torte

Calling all chocoholics! For an over-the-top chocolate experience, try our Chocolate Torte or Fudge Torte… or both! We begin each torte with thin layers of devil’s food cake and chocolate buttercream filling and icing. The difference lies in the toppings: the Chocolate Torte is topped with a heaping pile of chocolate curls while the top of the Fudge Torte is covered in fudge icing and sprinkled with a touch of chocolate shavings. Available in store every Thursday and by special order.

Fudge Torte Chocolate Buttercream Torte

Half & Half Cakes

Half & Half CakeA treat for the eyes as well as the palate. Our Half and Half cake is one layer of white cake (not yellow) and one layer of devil’s food, filled with white buttercream, iced with fudge on the sides, and swirls of buttercream and fudge on top.

Carrot Cake

Carrot CakeLooking for something delicious and moist, just like Grandma used to make? Try our flavorful carrot cake! Our homemade cream cheese icing brings out the flavors of the real carrots, small pecans, and a hint of cinnamon that combine for a taste sensation. Available in store seasonally and year round by special order.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Layer CakeOur red velvet cake is as delicious as it is beautiful! The dough is moist and tender with chocolatey notes, pairing perfectly with sweet and tangy cream cheese icing. This crimson cake is sure to wow your guests. Available in store seasonally and year round by special order.

Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkles Layer CakeFestive and fun, the Sprinkle Cake is the newest addition to our layer cake flavors. With layers of both yellow and devil’s food cakes, it has buttercream filling and icing completely covered in colorful sprinkles and topped with a “Happy Birthday” sign. Varying colors and signs available.

Angel Food Cake

Fudge Iced Angel FoodLight and airy, our Angel Food Cake is divine with your choice of fudge, buttercream, or whipped cream icings. Make our Angel Food truly heavenly by filling it with fresh strawberries! Available year round by special order.