Tortes & Layer Cakes

Delight your guests with an exciting dessert from Jarosch Bakery! We offer a large assortment of tempting tortes and layer cakes for any occasion. Available in sizes serving 6 to 10 people, these delicious desserts will entice your guests with both style and taste. When you visit us in Elk Grove Village, Illinois you’ll select from an array of tasty options, like the luscious Chocolate Raspberry Torte and decadent Fudge Layer Cake. Variations on our classics are available by request.

Tortes vs Layer Cakes

Tortes have multiple layers of cake and filling while Layer Cakes have just two layers of cake and one filling. Furthermore, tortes are typically iced with whipped cream while layer cakes usually have buttercream or fudge icing.

Of course, notable exceptions have been made, such as our Fudge and Chocolate Buttercream Tortes. Whatever you call them, these tortes & layer cakes offer a truly sweet experience for the cake connoisseur!