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The Best Pastry and Coffee Pairings

jyfkhJarosch Bakery is famous for our many varieties of delicious pastries and cakes – especially our chocolate chip coffee cake in Des Plaines, IL. Of course, what better way to enjoy a delicious treat than with a steaming hot cup of coffee? Coffee is available in just as many different roasts and flavors as our cakes and pastries, so which pairings work best with which pastries?

Scones, Biscotti, and Muffins

Bright brews from South America are best pairings for these baked goods. The slightly heavier flavors of scones, muffins, and biscotti balance beautifully with the bright, warm, refreshing tones of Costa Rican, Brazilian, or Mexican Blends.

Bagels, Croissants, and Breads

You can drink just about any type of coffee with bread. This is especially good for those that like flavored coffees and lattes. The savory flavors of the bread will balance out the rich sweetness of the drink. Flavored coffees generally do not pair well with sweet treats, because they can overpower each other or overwhelm your palate.

Donuts, Cinnamon Buns, Coffee Cakes

Choose a Guatemalan or Columbian blend of coffee for pastries with cinnamon or chocolate flavors. These coffee blends natural contain undertones of warm cinnamon and rich chocolate, which is brought out by the treats.

Fruit Tarts and Danishes

A robust dark roast is the perfect counterbalance for sweet, fruity pastries like danishes and tarts – light and dark flavors working in perfect harmony. Avoid flavored coffees, as the combination can be overwhelming.

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