Our Famous Butter Cookies are Great for Any Occasion

Butter cookies are a popular favorite at Christmastime, but they certainly aren’t limited to just one season. After all, why deprive yourself of that sweet, sugary goodness the rest of the year when you could enjoy it anytime? Jarosch Bakery offers non-Christmas assortments for cookie platters in Schaumburg that are sure to delight and satisfy any sweet tooth. There’s even a nut-free option to accommodate any allergies so that everyone who loves butter cookies can eat them with ease. What could be more temptingly appetizing to a group than that?

Order a custom cookie platter, and you’ll soon have the perfect present for someone special or a dish for an event. Bakeries often provide wrapping services for their products to help save you time and make your favors look festive. Having cookies custom-made allows you to get creative with colors, shapes, decorations, and themes for a dessert that looks as good as it tastes. Plus, ordering a whole platter of them makes it easy to serve even dozens of guests so that everyone can sample these tasty treats. You can arrange the assortment or let the bakery choose for you.