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Say Thank You With Cookies

When a special someone goes above and beyond for you, and you want to show them just how much you appreciate them, but you want to say thank you in a special way, say it with cookies! Cookies are hands-down the best and tastiest way to show your appreciation and love for that person’s act of kindness.

Verbal thanks and thank you notes are appreciated, but cookies are loved by all! Individually wrapped or as an assorted platter, cookies are appropriate for many instances in which you want to express thanks. For the friend who went out of their way to help you: give cookies. For the outpouring of love you received from family and friends at a baby or bridal shower: give cookies. For the friends who helped celebrate your kiddo’s special birthday: give cookies. For the co-worker who has helped you with several key projects: send thank you cookies. For the school teacher and dance instructor who encourages and supports your children: you know they’ll love delicious cookies. For the many people who deserve your heartfelt words of thanks, plus a little something more: treat them with cookies!

Nothing beats the scratch-made cookies in Schaumburg from your favorite bakery, Jarosch Bakery. Ask about our famous handmade butter cookies when you call to place your cookie order.