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Bakery Cakes vs. Grocery Store Cakes

While at the supermarket, you might find yourself wandering over to the bakery section and eyeing one of their festive cakes. Sure, grocery store cakes might look good, but how do they really compare when it comes to cakes made at a bakery in Schaumburg?

One bite and you’ll instantly notice a difference. Most grocery store cakes are made in bulk with cost-saving ingredients to have enough product for every customer while remaining cost-effective. The key phrase here is “cost-saving product.” These cakes lack the skills, quality ingredients, and attention to detail that come from bakery artisans and talented decorators rather than made from mass-market production.

Jarosch Bakery Cakes are made to impress. They take time and use only the finest ingredients to ensure that each bite is as flavorful as the cake is beautiful. Our custom cakes show off the delicate nature of the cake dough paired with a tasty selection of fillings, showing off how each flavor works individually as well as together. One bite of a bakery cake will show you just how big the difference in quality is when compared to mass market cakes from grocery stores.

Delicious Pastries for a Winter Evening In

Pastries in Schaumburg, ILWhen the temperature drops and snowflakes start falling, you’ll find yourself cozying up to a warm fire wishing for a comforting treat to pair with your hot cocoa or spiced cider. Winter is more than the feel of sparkling snow and the look of gray marshmallow skies, it also has the scent of burning wood and comforting flavors of the season like cranberry, cinnamon, bourbon, and more! So take a look at some of our favorite pastries in Schaumburg, IL, for these chilly months.

The best winter desserts are bursting with flavor, hearty & filling, and will always leave you satisfied.  Some of our favorite winter pastries include:

  • The Cranberry Cream Cake – moist bundt cake flecked with tart cranberries, glazed with a sweet icing, and dusted with red glitter
  • Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce – enjoy our buttercrust & cinnamon breads with bourbon-soaked raisins soaked in a blend of eggs, cream, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla before being baked into classic bread pudding. Each piece comes with scratch-made Bourbon Sauce for the perfect wintery treat!
  • Carrot Cake Squares – our moist carrot cake has cinnamon, pecans, pineapple, and carrots creating a flavorful dough covered in addictive cream cheese icing.
  • Brownie Cake Squares – tender devil’s food cake topped with chocolate whipped cream, no-nut brownies, and chocolate drizzle.
  • Custard Ring Coffee Cake – buttery Danish coffeecake dough with a ring of baked egg custard on top and garnished with streusel and icing.

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