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Brighten Your Coworkers’ Day with Fresh Donuts

It’s Monday morning, and everyone is trudging into work just trying to stay awake until that first sip of morning coffee. Then you appear at the morning meeting with a box of fresh donuts from Jarosch Bakery, and suddenly those Monday frowns have turned into smiles!

Baked Fresh Every Day

We bake our donuts fresh every day, so when you bring our donuts to work with you, you’re giving your coworker’s a fresh, tasty treat that big-name coffee shops can’t beat.

A Wide Variety of Donuts Available

We refer to our donuts as “fry cakes,” and offer both cake donuts and raised yeast donuts in a wide variety of flavors. With so many options, you can please every palate in your workplace. Offering both classic options like glazed, chocolate, and powdered sugar, as well as exciting varieties like apple fritters, red velvet, and toasted coconut crunch, we offer endless options for your morning!

When you are looking for donuts near Elk Grove that you can bring to work to delight your coworkers, look no further than Jarosch Bakery! We offer a wide selection of tasty treats that can turn a boring morning meeting in a wonderful start to your day.

Enjoy a Sweets Table at Your Fall Wedding

pastries schaumburg

Aside from the romantic ceremony, what most guests look forward to is the food to be served at the reception – and the wedding cake. Imagine their delight when they walk into the reception area and see a sweets table full of delicious and beautiful desserts. A dessert buffet is a welcome addition to any wedding reception.

A Vast Array of Treats to Choose From

You can fill your sweets table with a wide array of pastries and other treats including miniature pastries, cake shots, cupcakes, cake pops, donut holes, and more. The benefit of offering a sweets table is that you have something for everyone. Not everyone likes cake, but with a sweets table, your guests can all satisfy their sweet tooth.

Delivery Options

When you order pastries in Schaumburg for your sweets table, we deliver! You can read more about our delivery options here.

Fall Wedding Aesthetic

Once you’ve selected your sweets, you’ll want to incorporate them into the aesthetic of your wedding. Burlap, sunflowers, orange and yellow leaves, and pumpkins are all great ways to incorporate fall into your sweets table design. Placing hay bales on the sides of the table can be a great way to frame it. You want your dessert table to be a feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach.

When are getting ready for your wedding, turn to Jarosch Bakery for your wedding cake and sweets table.