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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out whether you’re expecting a little girl or boy, and a gender reveal party is a fun way to get your family and friends involved. If you’re planning to find out and share the gender of your baby before he or she is born, there are lots of creative party ideas to make your reveal even more memorable and fun. Here are some ideas for festive gender reveals.

Balloon pop gender reveal. Fill an opaque black balloon with pink or blue confetti; then, when you pop the balloon, the flying confetti will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl.

Balloon box. Pack a handful of blue or pink helium balloons in a giant box. Then, as you open the lid, the balloons will float out to reveal your baby’s gender.

Gender reveal piñata. Buy or make a piñata that’s filled with blue or pink ribbons and glitter, and have your guests take turns trying to break it.

Gender reveal cake. What is a gender reveal party without cake? Delight your party guests by ordering a fresh bakery cake that has pink or blue filling. When you cut a slice of the cake, your guests will find out the gender.

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