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The Best Halloween Party Classroom Treats Are Cookies in Wrapped Packages

Halloween Cookie BagThe best treats are the sharable kind, and Jarosch Bakery makes it easy! Now that our kids are back to school in these COVID times, the best safe Halloween celebration classroom treats come from our ovens in the form of wrapped packages of cookies. Our Schaumburg location is chockfull of spooky designs and ghostly delights. Ghost & Pumpkin cookies (that we can wrap in a cello bag) make it simple to distribute hauntingly good treats safely. Don’t be spooked by the pandemic; ensure students can still get the most out of the Halloween excitement with tasty sweet goodies to brighten their day.


Easy To Order


Ordering is as simple as calling in or reserving your wrapped packages of cookies online. Don’t delay making your selections; the leaves are turning, the air has turned crisp and clear, and the most haunted night of the year is fast approaching. Contactless payments and pandemic protocols make your transaction a safe and simple process. The students will thank you when they see the assortment of ghoulish treats on offer.


They’re So Delicious, It’s Scary


From monsters to ghosts to pumpkins, our Halloween cookies are sure to delight the class and prepare them for the big night. Adults and children all love our eerie range of choices, and there’s always a selection that someone will adore. No matter the preference, our cookies are the perfect solution to Halloween

Which Would Be Better for Your Celebration: a Torte or a Layer Cake?

Black Forest TorteCakes are the centerpiece of celebrations, so you want to be sure you choose the best one for your bash. When you’re shopping around for cakes in Schaumburg, IL, and the surrounding area, you’ll likely notice that the most decadent desserts come in two styles: tortes and layer cakes. Unlike the simpler sheet cakes, these two types feature layers, giving them a beautiful appearance and luxurious appeal. However, how do you choose between the two?

The Difference Between Tortes and Layer Cakes

Layer cakes are the more traditional option. They’re typically made with sugar, eggs, butter, and flour for a light texture and taste. The flour makes them rise, giving them plenty of height for decorating. Tortes, however, utilize little to no flour. Instead, ground nuts or breadcrumbs are used for a richer texture and taste. While they are shorter than layer cakes, they feature more layers and often higher quality ingredients.

When choosing cakes in Schaumburg, IL, the most important thing to consider your guests’ tastes. If you’re mainly feeding children or serving a large and diverse group, a layer cake is the safer choice since it has more popular appeal. However, if you want to impress guests with a gourmet dessert, a torte won’t let you down.