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Choosing the Perfect Cake Flavor for Your Wedding

Special events call for special treats. From birthdays to anniversaries to weddings, cakes in Schaumburg, IL, often take center stage.

Let’s focus here on wedding cakes because that’s one of the things we do so very well here at Jarosch Bakery. We consider it one of our crowd-pleasing favorites that makes a special day even more celebratory.

A wedding cake is the focal part of every magical moment during the reception. How many times have you seen photos and videos of a cake-cutting and marveled at the beauty of the cake? So, how do you choose the right cake for your big day?

The first step is to think of your wedding’s theme. That will help lay the groundwork for the type of cakes you should ponder. Once you’ve thought about matching your theme, consider the season as well. Different seasons suggest different designs. We suggest that it’s always a good idea to check out samples ahead of time so you aren’t rushed to make a decision.

Don’t forget to make sure you get your favorite flavor. After all, it’s your cake and your wedding so it’s one time you should put your needs first.

The last point to keep in mind is the budget. Some say this is the first point, but when you’ve decided upon the cake you want, you can find the perfect example that will fit into your financial means.

Celebrate Dad with Our New DIY Father’s Day Cookie Kits

Father’s Day is coming up. If your Dad has a sweet tooth and you’re looking for something to do for him, why not hit both targets with some cookies in Arlington Heights from Jarosch Bakery? Our cookie kits are just as fun to put together as they are to eat and a perfect way to spend time making something sweet and tasty.

These DIY cookies are easy for anyone to put together, making them an ideal project for the youngest members of the family and everyone else. These ten tool-shaped cookies come with six piping bags of decadent colored buttercream frosting. If you figure they’re going to go quickly, you can always top up your cookie supply with an extra six-pack with the purchase of your kit. These are sure to be a big hit, so we recommend placing a pre-order.

You can put the kit together before the big day and present it to your Dad on the big day, or wait till Father’s Day and do it together as a special project. It’s terrific for the Dad who’s a handyman and for those who just wish they were.

Is your dad a huge Star Wars fan? Appeal to his geeky side with our Star Wars cookie kit. Your dad will have a great time on Father’s Day decorating cookies shaped like his favorite characters, including Yoda, Darth Vader, and BB8.

Nothing says “I love you, Dad” like a delicious frosted sugar cookie.