Celebrate Your Birthday with a Custom Cake Even if You Can’t Have a Party

There’s no doubt that social distancing has put a damper on parties, but that doesn’t mean a birthday can’t still be a festive occasion. The most important part of any birthday is the food, and that’s something you can still enjoy with the immediate members of your household. A local eatery like Jarosch Bakery can create specially made cakes in Schaumburg, IL, baked to your unique preferences. From the frosting to fillings and flavors, you can decide exactly how you want your cake to be and share a celebratory slice without having to bake on your birthday.

The benefit of a bakery cake is that it can match your imagination. You could request a sweet message written in icing at the top, a certain shape or colors, multiple tiers, or your child’s favorite character smiling up at them. This could be a great gift to make a family member’s birthday memorable and keep up a cherished time-honored tradition, even if the rest of the celebration looks a little different this year. Every birthday deserves a cake, and custom-made from a professional bakery is the very best kind.