3 Elements of a Perfect Surprise Party

blowing out candles on cakeSurprise parties are a really fun way to show a friend or loved one how much you care about them on their birthday. Seeing their face light up when they see all of their friends and family in one place to celebrate their birthday is an amazing experience, and everyone should have at least one surprise party in their lives. Here are the three elements that make a surprise party truly special.

Inviting the Right People

When planning your party, you want to make sure all of the person’s closest friends and family are there. Try not to get wires crossed when deciding whom to invite. Choose people based on who their friends are, not whom you would invite. Planning alongside a relative or other close friend can help make sure all the right people are there.

Having the Perfect Cover Story

It’s a surprise party, so you don’t want them to find out about it before the big day. The best thing to do is to plan an outing with them for their birthday. Maybe you and two other friends want to take them to lunch, or out for coffee. Then, you bring them back to the venue where everyone is waiting to surprise them! Making plans for their birthday can be a great distraction because they won’t be expecting anything else.

Getting a Custom Cake

Sure, you could pick a premade cake up from the grocery store, but if you’re going through the trouble of setting up a surprise party, why not get a truly memorable cake? A custom cake shows that you put a lot of thought into helping your friend celebrate their birthday. You can get quality custom cakes near Chicago, IL from Jarosch Bakery. Our from-scratch bakery accepts orders for custom cakes at (847) 437-1234.