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Celebrate Pi Day the Right Way

Bakery in SchaumburgFans of math, fans of science, and fans of pies rejoice when March 14th comes around.

It’s not because they’re getting ready to celebrate the Ides of March, that fated day from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar or Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s because they have their sights set on the big day itself. Pi Day.

Yes, that’s spelled correctly. It’s Pi as in the mathematical constant 3.14, which equates to the third month and the 14th day. Clever, yes?

At Jarosch Bakery, we think it is, and that’s why at our bakery in Schaumburg, we’re happy to make pies for everyone on Pi Day, from hard-core intellectuals to the most devoted fans of sweets and treats.

A full-service bakery will have plenty of delicious pies for you to order. Think about coconut cream or apple or blueberry or cherry or strawberry cream, and you will be watching the calendar waiting for Pi Day to get here.

You don’t have to know how to calculate the area of a circle using the equation A=πr2, but it does help if you appreciate the old joke that “pies aren’t squared, they’re round.” Either way, what better way to enjoy a whimsical day than to have a slice with a friend or two? You can even use the formula above to calculate the area of your pie if you’re ambitious, and you can resist its temptation for that long.

Our Bakery in Schaumburg Explains the Difference Between Tortes and Layer Cakes

Bakery in SchaumburgLayer cake or torte – some people toss around the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference, and Jarosch Bakery knows what it is. We’re going to use this article to explain the ways one delicious treat differs from the other.

For starters, a layer cake that you buy at your local bakery in Schaumburg is just what you would expect. It’s a cake made up of layers. The question is, how many? The answer is only two layers and one layer of filling between them.

Now let’s turn our attention to tortes. They are like a supercharged version of layer cakes that you can find at a bakery. Tortes feature multiple layers of cake, with each layer separated by a layer of filling.

That takes care of the inside, but what about the outside? Are they the same? No, not really. Tortes are usually iced with whipped cream, while layer cakes traditionally have icing made of fudge or buttercream. Occasionally a bakery will mix things up and offer a torte with fudge or chocolate buttercream icing.

However, they are made and finished; we are confident of one thing. They are all delicious and the perfect treat for any get-together or holiday gathering.

What You Need for Christmas from Our Bakery in Schaumburg

Bakery in SchaumburgThe holiday season is jam-packed with demands on our time, and baking is one of the biggest. The best way to handle that chore is by letting someone else take care of it for you. A perfect solution is to find a bakery in Schaumburg you can rely on for baked goodies of all sorts.

Jarosch Bakery had been serving the community for more than 60 years, and we know what baked sweets and treats people buy for Christmas. We’re going to use this article to tell you what no holiday gathering should be lacking.

What would a Christmas gathering be without cookies? It would be pretty bland, of course. We find that butter cookies and sugar cookies are two of the most popular choices. And you can’t forget gingerbread cookies either on your trip to the bakery. Gingerbread figures are always a hit, and gingerbread houses are another seasonal favorite.

With cookies go cakes, so make sure you have your hot cocoa cake, yule log cake, Christmas torte, or snowflake cake. A customized holiday cake is another option too; just don’t forget to place your order at your local bakery early.

Cupcakes, bread, rolls, and stollen are other holiday staples no Christmas should be missing. Finally, make sure that you have at least one fruit cake on your list.

Christmas Cookies Are Back!

Tis the season to be jolly… because it’s Christmas cookie season! Beginning after Thanksgiving, Jarosch Bakery will be baking our legendary Christmas butter cookies, Gingerbread, Iced holiday cookies, and so much more! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season fully underway, it’s now or never to get those orders placed!

Our butter cookies are a Chicagoland favorite, and no holiday party or festive get-together should be without them. Packed in festive tins and beautifully arranged on trays, Jarosch Bakery’s butter cookies are the perfect gift for friends, family, and the person who already has everything!

Each of the forty-seven varieties of these delicate cookies is handmade, hand-dipped, and decorated by our talented pastry staff. The time, effort, and care baked into each cookie are evident in every bite. Spread holiday cheer with sugar, spice, and plenty of frosting with the best Christmas cookies around!

Jarosch is also baking a variety of larger cookies like the festive Iced Yuletide Cookies, traditional German Gingerbread Santas & Pfeffernüsse, Mitten & Snowflake Cookie gift bags, and more!

Here is how you can guarantee cookies from our bakery in Schaumburg this December. The last day to order in advance is Tuesday, December 17th. In December, we accept butter cookie orders for only three types of assortments: full, no-nut, and non-Christmas. However, if you would like to choose certain kinds of butter cookies, we invite you to come to the bakery between December 2nd and December 13th. Finally, the last day to place non-cookie holiday bakery orders for December 23rd or 24th pick-up is Saturday, December 21st. Stop in or call us today to place your holiday bakery order. Happy Holidays!