The Ultimate in Transportable Treats

Donuts in Elk Grove VillageTreat yourself to your favorite donuts from our Elk Grove Village bakery. However, before you place your delivery order, there are two very different types of donuts that you should know about. First, there is the classic raised donut that you’ve probably eaten a thousand times. Then, there is the cake donut, a more filling and crunchier treat. Either one is perfect when ordering delivery, but personal preferences can differ significantly.


Understanding the Difference

Many people may not even realize the difference between cake and raised donuts, but almost everyone has a favorite, whether they know it or not. Cake donuts are made from a sweetened dough that ends up crunchier on the outside and softer on the inside. On the other hand, raised or yeast donuts are the type most are more familiar with. These are the kind that are made by frying the dough and have a lighter, fluffier texture.


Whichever type of donut you choose, you cannot go wrong. They are equally tasty treats; the style is a matter of personal preference. If you’re in the mood for one of these tasty snacks, Jarosch Bakery offers both cake and raised donuts, which means you can enjoy the most delicious, fresh pastries.