Design A Custom Cake From Jarosch Bakery

Cake turns even an ordinary day into one worth celebrating. The more cake the better! No matter, whatever the occasion, delicious and mouthwatering cake is an essential part of any special event. No festive celebration or holiday gathering would be complete without the presence of the piece de resistance – the cake.

Typically you might purchase a traditional store-bought cake that’s available for immediate pickup. These are pretty generic and come in the standard selections: chocolate or vanilla cake, whipped, or buttercream frosting. These are fine for a last-might need, but when you’re planning a special celebration, you must have custom cakes in Schaumburg IL from Jarosch Bakery.

Custom cakes make the moment extra special. They show you put extra effort into creating the perfect centerpiece to symbolize this joyful celebration. More than the cake and icing flavors, the theme of the birthday or anniversary cake tells about the person it’s celebrating and adds a personal touch to your event.

Whether you need a cake for 10 or 100 people, we have endless choices available for you to create the perfect personalized cake. Some of the options for you to consider include:

Cake Shapes: Round cake or 2-3 layer sheet cakes

Cake Flavors: Yellow, devil’s food, half & half, white, marble, funfetti, graham cracker, banana, red velvet, carrot, angel food, and German chocolate

Filling: We offer 40 filling options. Choose from classics, like buttercream or whipped cream, preserves, fruits, and flavored creams, plus other scrumptious fillings, including cannoli or chocolate mousse.

Icing Flavors: Buttercream, whipped cream, chocolate buttercream, chocolate whipped cream, fudge, cream cheese, poured ganache, and fondant

European Touch: Liqueurs add an extra burst of flavor when drizzled with Amaretto, Kahlua, Chambord, Rum, Kirschwasser, or Baileys

Visit our website for the complete list of offerings, including ingredient contents, as well as examples of our custom cakes. Make your next party or special event one to remember with custom cakes from Jarosch Bakery.