Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Sweets

Cookies SchaumburgLove is in the air! When you pass out homemade cookies, cupcakes, and sweets this Valentine’s Day, everyone will be falling head over heels in love with you! Sure, there’s nothing like a box of chocolates or a dozen long-stem red roses to show your amour how much you love them, but Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to express your love and appreciation for your friends, family, your kids’ school teachers and classmates, and your co-workers, too. Cute, creative, and delicious treats are the must-have gift this February 14th.


For Your Love: Trade in the heart-shaped chocolate box for a heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake instead. Yum!


For School Parties: Conversation heart cookies do all the talking with super sweet messages!


For Teachers: You won’t find a teacher who will say no to our Cupid’s Cup of Love filled with fluffy chocolate mousse. It will give them the boost they need to see them through the school day.


For Co-Workers: You’ll be the talk of the office – in a good way – when you show up to work with Heart Shaped Custard Bismarks and Brownie Lollipops. 


Nothing says “Be Mine” like a special sweet treat of cakes and cookies in Schaumburg. View our complete Valentine’s Day treat list and be sure to place your order over the phone or in-person in advance to guarantee the sweetest treats, handmade with love this Valentine’s Day.